At the start of every month on BuzzHut, we’ll be featuring one of our Top 10 lists.  Games, gadgets, apps and more will be included and this April it’s our Top 10 Video Games.

How do we choose the Top 10?  Purely on the games we are enjoying playing right now and nothing else – whether they were released this week or five years ago, these are the games that are sitting in our games machines at the moment and why.  Give the list a couple of seconds to load.


Playing something else this month?  Let us know in the comments section below.  Just outside our Top 10 at number 11 sits the late-night, post-pub classic Let’s Tap for the Nintendo Wii, freshly dusted off from behind the BuzzHut sofa.

The links provided in this month’s Top 10 list link to using our affiliate links where you can buy the products featured.

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